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Recreational Hunting Leases

Getting Started.

About Us.
Bird Forestry has been helping landowners with the administration of their hunting leases since the late 1980's. After being approached by a few landowners to create a hunting lease program for their properties, Bird Forestry realized that it would be beneficial to all willing landowners that were interested in leasing their properties.

Bird Forestry has learned after supervising hunting leases for landowners that there was not only a financial return for the landowner, but the added benefit of having someone look after the property during the year, maintaining roads and deterring trespass/theft.
Licensing Process
Licensing a Recreational License Unit (RLU) with Bird Forestry is simple and convenient. The licensing process has been streamlined through your online account.

To License a RLU, first create your user account and then search for available properties. Once you have identified the RLU(s) you are interested in, simply place a bid, “License Now”, or contact us for information about making a reservation to your account.

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